Face Recognition Technology Solves Present Security Needs

‘Secure you, secure the world’ if this is the saying where security has been emphasized the most; then the concern automatically comes over the security. It is not only important to protect yourself but also to protect your assets are also equally important. ‘Security’ is a factor which can never be ignored but it has to be achieved.

How Security used to be achieved in the Past?

Due to lack of technological support, in the past security used to be achieved using manual system. That means, for a campus the security used to be achieved using security guards. For keeping the track of employees they used to maintain registers which used to support manual entry method.

Well! This was a method which is really appreciable as the whole security used to be taken care of by the guards, but just think once! What would happen in case of a large organization? And what if for a secured place where entry is strictly restricted, there people are getting permission to enter because either guards are not present or they had taken bribe or some other reasons? Puzzled! Don’t be. As to solve these issues face recognition technology has been emerged in the world of security.

How Face Recognition Technology manages the Security?

Based on ‘no human touch’ technology, where individuals are not supposed to touch the device in order to get the security can be placed at various premises. It meets the present day security needs as it incurs so may features which enables it to achieve the best security in all required premises. In order to be enrolled for the first time, the person needs to stand in front of the camera so that the camera can capture the facial details. These details gets stored in the computer electronically thus it helps in better storage of the data.

Next time whenever the same person re-visits the place, he/she just need to stand in front of the camera. The camera will capture the image of the individual and will perform a matching process using its in-built matching algorithm. The matching process is performed between the new facial details with the already stored patterns. If face recognition system will get a match then it grants the permission otherwise it will deny.

Features that Enhance the Technology:

Face recognition technology achieves the security expectations because of various factors which can be listed serially:

o Compact Size of the Template:
Facial feature occupies very minimum space of the memory of about 2.3 kilobytes. Thus a large database can be maintained.

o Actual Face Detection:
It has the capability of differentiating between the real image and the artificial photograph. So, for authentication a live person needs to stand in front of it.

o True Identification Capability:
The technology performs 1-1 matching mode for verification and 1-many mode for processing.

o Multiple Samples:
Many images are captured so that the best matching quality could be obtained.

o Face Posture Tolerance:
It can tolerate certain extent of facial movement like rotation of head till an extent etc.

o Quick Face Matching Process:
It performs a very quick matching process almost 100,000 faces are compared in a second.

Face recognition technology comprises of all these features along with that it possesses a very easy installation method and still maintains its cost effectiveness. These devices can be obtained easily in the market because of their usefulness. So, now secure yourself with your assets using the new technology so that you can lead a better life ahead.

Absent From the Body, Present With the Lord?

I have always been told when you die in this human body, you immediately go to heaven and into the Lords’ waiting arms or into His presence. This is a commonly used consolation statement for those who are grieving over the loss of a loved one. It is a nice thought, but is it true?

I have a few questions. Where in the Bible does it say we ever go to heaven? It says there will be a new heavens and a new earth, but do we go to heaven? What about soul sleep? What about sheol, hades and the grave? It is appointed unto man to live once, die and then stand judgment. The Bible does not say we get to wait for Judgment day in the presence of the Lord.

Most people think “hell” is a fiery place of torment and punishment. They mistakenly associate the “lake of fire” with the word “hell”. Hell is translated from the Greek word: hades (meaning place of the dead or the grave). Paul looked forward to being resurrected at His coming and receiving his immortal body. Why would Paul look for resurrection at Yeshuas’ second coming if he thought he would go to heaven as soon as he died?

Why would all the New Testament writers be looking forward to the second coming if they knew their real hope was to be in His presence as soon as they died? If I hear the catch phrase “absent from the body, present with the Lord” much more, I think I’m going to be ill. Does anybody ever bother to read the rest of the verses? Paul obviously did not think upon death we go immediately to the Lord. Pauls’ following statements associate being absent from the human body and present with the Lord on Judgment Day “after” the Lords’ second coming!

Paul specifically instructed the Thessalonians those who slept (dead believers) still have the same hope of resurrection as we who are living. The dead will rise “first”, then we which are alive and remain will be caught up with them… Paul did not give them the impression the dead believers had gone ahead of the remaining living believers into the Lords’ presence!

If all the dead believers have been in the Lords’ presence since they died, what purpose would it serve for the Lord to pop them back into the grave? Just to have them raise right back out of the grave to be in His presence once again? Wouldn’t it be more joyous for us if the last thing we remember is our last breath in this body? The next thing we know, we are rising to the trumpet sound in a better body meeting Him in the clouds!

When the Lord told Martha her brother Lazarus would rise and live again, she already understood Lazarus (and all believers) would rise and live again in the resurrection, on the “last day”. (John 11:23, 24)

I admit this is a gray area, but there is not a shred of evidence even implying we go immediately to the presence of the Lord when we die as believers. The evidence is rather to the contrary.

The Role Played by Dentists in the Present Times

Have you ever recollected those days, when you were forced to visit the dentist to get yourself checked? The very thought of them pocking your teeth with strange looking devices might have induced coldness into your system back then. The dentist, on the other hand, would greet you with a smile and after checking your teeth will even present you with a candy bar! Dentists and dentistry have come a long way now, and of course, there is no turning back. People used to opt for the services of a dental doctor even from the bygone eras.

A dentist is entrusted with many functions. If you are visiting him for a routine checkup, he will check the surface of the teeth for plaque. A quick glance into the teeth and he will even state the last time you had brushed! The routine checkups were affairs of the past; these days’ people are known to flock over at the dentist’s office for other teeth related ailments. Dentists are evolving themselves into cosmetic surgeons with the passage of time. Some of the dentists are noted to specialize in both the niches (dentistry and cosmetic surgery) to rake up cartloads of cash.

Gaps and spaces might materialize in the teeth. Likewise, one might even lose a tooth or so. The misalignment of the teeth is another factor. These three are the common problems with which the present generation is noted to visit the dental clinics. People of these times place ample importance for their looks. The explosive growth of the internet enabled them to harness knowledge from various sources. They might have read that a teeth job is more than ample to beautify their faces. Whatever be the reason, dentistry is turning out to be one of the most lucrative business dealings around.

The explosive growth of the internet and various other technologies has altered the manner by which a dentist used to work. These days there are automated tools for conducting any type of process. The dentist will use these tools to conduct the entire procedure. Various standalone technologies like the Damon braces, Inman Aligner and various types of dental implant procedures are being employed by these dentists – on a wider scale. The reasoning is simple – they like to execute the activities in an augmented manner. Time is money for these people – the efficiency will decide the wades of cash!

Seeking out the best dentist, who employs the best technologies, without charging the patients exorbitantly is tough. The primary manner is the word of the mouth procedure. People reveal their experiences to their loved ones and with the pass of time, news spreads. It then comes to the internet. The reputed of the dentists have set up websites highlighting the procedures that are conducted in their clinics. People will be able to book appointments using these websites. Ample insight into the technologies that are being utilized by the clinic will also be listed in the same manner.

The Importance of Orthodontists to the Present Generation

If you were looking for an exciting as well as a rewarding career, I would strongly recommend pondering over the thought of becoming an orthodontist. Do not be confused by the terminology, it is something that is quite common these days. I am referring to dental industry and becoming a dentist! The primary role of an orthodontist is the following – correct the various problems associated with the alignment of the teeth, using suitable procedures. Treatment procedures are manifold, the real expertise lies in diagnosing the condition and opting for a suitable teeth alignment fix!

The teeth ironically happen to be the most ignored part of the body. The number of people who are brushing their teeth regularly is diminishing at a rapid pace. The beauty of the face can be augmented by fixing the misalignment that is inherently present with the teeth. Changes to the teeth occur throughout the entire lifetime of a person. Fixing the gaps (between the teeth) that are inherently present for most of us is just another duty of an orthodontist. They also specialize in correcting the misalignment of the teeth. Losing the teeth is not a big deal – it can happen to anyone during their lives.

How does an orthodontist fix the alignment of the teeth? The conventional procedure is to enlist the services of braces. These braces will be held in the position over the teeth. With the due passage of time, due to the tensional forces acting on the teeth the teeth will start aligning itself. The process can take up sometime; please do not expect overnight miracles. Donning conventional braces might work out for some, but there are various disadvantages of the same procedure. The experienced in the orthodontists will be aware of these – they will augment their clinics with the latest technology available in the niche.

Being an orthodontist has its own share of advantages and disadvantages. We will discuss the advantages, followed by the disadvantages of the same. One of the greatest advantages of being an orthodontist is the following – one will be able to impart smiles to others. Teenagers are known to worry a lot, thinking about their teeth. They adopt various measures with the aid of which their teeth are always in the best of the conditions. Certain people are noted to suffer from mental agony, thinking about the future prospects!

The disadvantages of the niche are also manifold. For example, the orthodontist must be competent enough to fix up any kind of teeth related problem. Appropriate licenses must be procured – one will have to attempt and pass various tests. Investing on the latest available technology might be taxing – it might take some time to recover from the initial financial burdens. The job profile is not an easy one – one will have to spend considerable hours with the drawings of the teeth and devise methods that can be used to fix up the misaligned teeth. All the best for a bright and prosperous future as an orthodontist!